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What do we offer

Why us?
We strive to provide unique features that separates us from the generic ones.

Anti-Token Logging.

Rephyx is able to stop Token Loggers dead in their tracks. Blocking Discord Tokens, windows activation key and making screenshots of your screen. We'll protect you.

Clean Design.

Rephyx' interface is made in such a way all information is given back to you in the best way possible


Know and see everything.
We will tell you when people get online, you worry about the game.

Notifications everywhere.

Information is todays standard, and we don't fall behind. Get Toast notifications or setup IFTTT and get notifications on any device.

Reaction Galore.

Always reacting to messages can get tiring.
Let us help you out, specify an emoji and a keyword and we'll react for you.


Ever tired manually joining guilds on alt accounts? Well, let us help you.