[p]cloneguild [Place=0] - Clone a guild.
[p]backup - Backup your friends list
[p]restore - Partially restore your friends list Max is 50 friends, else you'll be asked to reverify your email

[p][spamwebhook|webhookspammer] [amount=25] - Spam an webhook endpoint
[p]emotespam - Spam the specified or most recent message with random emotes.
[p][bypassblock|blockbypass] - Send someone a message you have blocked, not the other way round
[p]banall - Ban everyone in the guild.
[p]kickall - Kick everyone in the guild.
[p]destroyserver - Do it all, in one command.
[p]unbanall - Unbans everyone
[p]emotenuke - Remove every emote
[p]massmention - Send a few mass mentions into a server
[p]channelnuke - Remove every channel
[p]rolenuke - Remove every role you can
[p][tokeninfo|ti] [token] - Grab info from the provided token
[p]tokenban [token] - Run various token ban methods
[p]lagclient [amount=50] [tts=True] - Lag clients by sending a special crafted message
[p][tokenlogin|tlogin|tokenl] - Login under a user account. Bypassing the various security measures like 2fa.

[p]watcher - Main group for the watcher
[p]watcher selfbot - Tell watcher to flag possible self-bots
[p]watcher guildflag - Choose a guild to set a specific flag for.
[p]watcher status - Tell watcher to notify status changes
[p]watcher avatar - Tell watcher to notify avatar changes
[p]watcher crashvids - Tell watcher to notify on crash videos
[p]watcher selfmention - Tell watcher to notify self-mentions
[p]watcher [display|dn] - Tell watcher to notify displayname changes
[p]watcher relation - Tell watcher to notify relation changes
[p]watcher roles - Tell watcher to notify roles changes
[p]watcher activity - Tell watcher to notify activity changes
[p]watcher mainmention - Tell watcher to notify main-mention
[p]watcher command - Tell watcher to log command invocations
[p]watcher friendsonly - Tell watcher to only show friend changes
[p]watcher ghostping - Tell watcher to notify on ghost pings
[p]watcher override - Override the watcher and enable or disable it.
[p]selfbots - Display all flagged selfbots

[p][cleannuke|ncu] - Drops a fuckin bomb on chat
[p][cleanup|cu] [limit=400] - Ever tired of cleaning a chat one by one? Now you don't have too! This is an AIO cleaner, supports: Cleaning with just a limit. Cleaning by word Cleaning by channel id or User id -> Channel id.

[p][customcommands|cc] - Main group for custom commands
[p]customcommands list - Display all custom commands in console.
[p]customcommands add - Add a custom command [P]customcommands/cc add *command* *Text*
[p]customcommands del - Delete a custom command [P]cc del *command prefix*

[p]poll - Create a simple poll.
[p]8ball - Ask the all mighty 8Ball.
[p][randomjoke|joke|riddle] - Sends a random joke, these are probably not funny at all.
[p]randomtopic - Having issues starting a conversation? Try this command and get a random topic
[p][leettext|1337text|1337] - Turn your text into the leet 1337 hacker text
[p]regional - Replace all the chars with regional emotes
[p][emotemessage|emotemsg] - Put emotes through your messages
[p]kiss - Kiss someone, you creep
[p]cuddle - Cuddle someone, over the internet.
[p]hug - Hug someone, over the internet.
[p]pat - Pat someone, over the internet.
[p]tickle - Tickle someone, over the internet.
[p]poke - Poke someone, over the internet.
[p]slap - Slap someone, over the internet.
[p]mock - Mock the last message send
[p][choice|choose] [choices...] - Chooses between multiple choices. To denote multiple choices, you should use double quotes.
[p]roll [number=100] - Rolls random number (between 1 and user choice) Defaults to 100.
[p]statustag - Let a status loop!
[p]lyricstatus - Cycle Cycle Cycle. args should be a correct Genius url. No need for -. E.G.: "Polo g" through da storm lyrics
[p]cyclestatus - Cycle Cycle Cycle. Split arguments by `, `
[p]clockstatus - Display your current time as your status
[p]keeptyping - Keep on keep on typing
[p][gaymeter|gay] [users...] - How 'gay' is someone? 101% accurate.
[p][penismeter|cockmeter|cock] [users...] - Measure your cocks folks 100% accurate
[p][lovecalc|love|ship] - Calculate that sweet sweet love
[p]pokespawn - It's like that pokeman bot, but that for people. Slaves?
[p]snapneck - Snap a neck
[p]unsplash - Get a random Unsplash image
[p][nitrocode|nitro|code] - Generate a random nitro code
[p]imgflip - Create memes via ImgFlip templates
[p]imgflip create [textBottom] [textOptional] - Create a meme
[p]imgflip list - List all the meme templates
[p]imgur - Get a random Imgur image
[p]ascii - Send a msg in ascii style
[p]pfp [user] - Display your own profile picture, or someone else you've tagged.
[p]spam - Spam a message
[p]fakegiveaway - Create a fake giveaway embed
[p]fact - Sends a random fact
[p]reddit [_type=week] - Grabs a reddit post, from the specified sub and from when. (day, week, month, year, all)
[p]rreddit - Grabs a random reddit post, from the specified sub
[p]hack - Hack a user and get their juicy info and such
[p]upisdown - Set ur text the other way up Is a toggle.
[p]Mimic - Mimics the target untill retargeted or just plain '[P]mimic'
[p][editspam|espam] - Edits a messsage in
[p]massreact [limit=50] - React to every past message with a certain reaction

[p][messagedump|msgdump|chatdump] - Dump all messages in a channel to a file
[p]autoack - Automatically Acknowledge all messages send in DMs
[p]encrypt - Encrypt a Message
[p]decrypt - Decrypt a Message
[p]afk - Main group for afk, leave empty to switch boolean
[p]afk msg - Set the message the bot will reply with
[p]log - Boolean for message logger
[p]log blacklist - Blacklist guild from showing in logger

[p]clearchat - Send empty message to 'clear' the chat.
[p]motd - Print our Message of the day.
[p]dog - Return a random dog image.
[p]cat - Return a random cat image.
[p]fox - Return a random fox image.
[p]lmgtfy - Returns a LetMeGoogleThatForYou link with the specified terms
[p]google - Generate a google link
[p]urban - Search a term on urban dictionary
[p][youtube|yt|ytsearch] - Search a yt video via terms
[p]iplookup - Get info from an IP
[p]customembed - Create an embed. To enlarge the strings, surround them by double quotes
[p][spoilertype|spoilertyping|spoiler] - Type in spoiler
[p]sherlock [embed=False] - Search for usernames by using the Sherlock project.
[p][cloneemote|clonee] - Clone an emoji to your server of choice.
[p][emotedump|es|scrapeemote] - Scrape the emotes in the used server
[p][silentemotedump|ses|sse|silentscrapeemotes] [SID] - Scrape emotes via guildID
[p]clantag - Go back to CS:GO and get an awesome clantag.
[p]stopclantag - Stop the clantag function.
[p]mname [data] - Start moving your name around
[p][stopmovingname|mns|smn] - Stop the clantag function.
[p]genpass [length=8] [complexity=0] - Generate a password.
[p]ping - Pong

[p][captchabypass|cbypass] <_bool> - Enable or Disable Captcha Bypasser.
[p]presence - Change the look of your presence.
[p]presence state - Change the state text of the Presence.
[p]presence clientid - Change the clientID of the presence.
[p]presence largetext - Change the large text of the Presence.
[p]presence details <\details> - Change the details text of the presence.
[p]presence active - Turn the presence on or off.
[p]presence smallimage - Change the small image of the Presence.
[p]presence button1 - Change Button 1.
[p]presence pipe - Set the discord pipe to operate on. (pipe0, pipe1 & pipe2).
[p]presence smalltext - Change the small text of the presence.
[p]presence button2 - Change Button 2
[p]presence largeimage - Change the large image of the presence.
[p][notifications|notify|notifies|notification] - N/A
[p]notifications [webhooks|webhook] - Turn off webhook notifications.
[p]notifications toasts - Turn off toast notifications. Enter (y/n) to directly influence the entire Toast Notifier. Enter watcher/cvd/misc/sniper to influence certain parts.
[p]notifications sound - Turn off sound notifications.
[p]search - N/A
[p]atl - ATL command group
[p]atl whitelist - Adds a program to the ATL whitelist.
[p]atl wremove - Removes a program from the ATL whitelist.
[p]atl blacklist - Adds a program to the ATL blacklist.
[p]atl bremove - Removes a program from the ATL blacklist.
[p][embed|theme] - Change embed settings
[p]embed author - Set the author text for embeds
[p]embed export - Export your current embed theme to a json file.
[p]embed [colour|color] - Set the embed colours. Split values by `:`. E.G.: `25:175:21`.
[p]embed title - Set the author text for embeds
[p]embed load - Load a theme.
[p]embed [deletetime|deletiontime|deletetimer] [timer=20] - Set the delete timer for embeds
[p]embed footer - Set the author text for embeds
[p]embed enable - Switches between codeblocks or embeds.
[p]embed thumbnail - Set the author text for embeds
[p]embed list - Display all embed settings
[p]protection - Change some protection vars of the bot
[p]protection [ATL|atl] - Enable or disable the entire Anti-Token logger.
[p]protection [IATL|iatl] - Enable or disable the Stopping power of Anti-Token logger. This will display to you if we'd had intervened, instead of intervening if disabled.
[p]protection nitro - Switch the protection bool for nitro sniper
[p]protection giveaway - Switch the protection bool for Giveaway Joiner
[p]ccreload - Reload custom cogs
[p]settings - Change core settings
[p]settings headertext - Set header text
[p]settings password - Set your current discord password. Basically the same function as the one found in password changer.
[p]settings giveaway - Change the giveaway joiner boolean
[p]settings [headercolour|headercolor] - Set the colours of the headers text
[p]settings smartreact - Override the smartreact
[p]settings giveawaydelay - Set the delay for the giveaway joiner
[p]settings driverpath - Set the path to the chromedriver
[p]settings [giveawayblacklist|gbl] - Alias: `gbl` Blacklist a guild where the giveaway joiner won't auto join However it will still display the giveaway and where it is.
[p]settings [info|list] - Displays current settings
[p]settings nitro - Disable/enable nitro sniper
[p][webhooks|webhook] - Set various webhooks for our bot.
[p]webhooks nitroclaimed - Set the webhook the bot uses if you've claimed a Nitro Code.
[p]webhooks selfbot - Set the webhook the bot uses to notify for selfbot detections.
[p]webhooks nitrofails - Set the webhook the bot uses if the bot failed to claim nitro.
[p]webhooks generate - Generate all channels with their respective webhook.
[p]webhooks ghostpings - Set the webhook the bot uses to notify for Ghostpings.
[p]webhooks giveaway - Set the webhook the bot uses if you've joined a giveaway.
[p]webhooks watcher - Set the webhook the bot uses to notify for Watcher related stuff.
[p][kill|quit|stop] - Close the bot.
[p][info|botinfo|stats] - Display some cool info of the bot and your pc.
[p]uptime - Show current bot uptime.
[p][clear|fcc|clean] - Cleans your terminal.
[p]prefix [prefix] - Set the prefix for the bot.
[p]restart - Tester+ only, restart bot.

[p]react - Smart reactions, who doesn't love it?
[p]react add - Add a reaction, that's a message.
[p]react del - Delete a trigger word from smart reactions
[p]react flush - Flush cooldown timer
[p]react delay [delay=1] - Set the delay for how long the reactor should wait
[p]react list - Displays current reactions with triggers
[p]react emote - Add a smart reaction [P]react emote *word* *Emote*
[p]react whitelist - Whitelist servers where smart react will work

[p]claimtoken - Set the token the bot will claim nitro under
[p]sniper - Little Sniper group
[p]sniper cache - Refresh the sniper method cache
[p]sniper method - This allows you to specify the sniping method. Methods: 0, 1 & 2
[p]sniper unsafe - This allows you to bypass all our checks and instantly jump to the sniping part. This means we don't check for ANYTHING

[p]dmsearch - Search for a message in all active DMs.
[p]pcspecs - Fetch and flex your pc specs.
[p][randominfo|fakeinfo] [arg=us] - Generate random Personal information. Allowed args: us, ca & uk
[p][speedtest|netspeed] - Grabs your internet speed.
[p]userinfo - Display basic info from a discord user via pinging or userid
[p]serverinfo - Get info from a guild
[p][resetactivity|resetacti] - Reset your own activity.
[p]stream - Set a custom streaming activity.
[p]playing - Set a custom playing activity.
[p]listening - Set a custom listening activity.
[p]watching - Set a custom watching activity.
[p]stealpfp - Steal someone's profile picture.
[p][ghost|spy|invis] - Make your name and pfp invisible.
[p]dlavatar [user] - Download an users Avatar
[p]hypesquad - Set your hypesquad house bravery - 1 brilliance - 2 balance - 3

[p]rename - Rename yourself or someone else
[p]pnick - You. Shall. Not. CHANGE YOUR NICKNAME! Persist a certain nickname on a user. When they attempt to change it, it'll get rolled back.
[p]purge - Chat dirty? Let's purge the filth!
[p]ban - Can't wait to use that hammer?
[p]kick - Got a scrathy boot?
[p]hackban - Ban a user via their UserID
[p]nuke [savePins=False] - Nukes a damn channel and saves the pinned messages
[p]modtrigger - Moderation Triggers group
[p]modtrigger [delete|del|remove] - Removes a moderation trigger
[p]modtrigger add - Add a Moderation trigger word Allowed methods are: ban, kick, warn, notify
[p]modtrigger [whitelistremove|wlr] - Remove a server from the moderation triggerwords whitelist
[p]modtrigger [globaladd|gadd] - Add trigger which works globally.
[p]modtrigger [whitelistadd|wla] - Add a server to the moderation triggerwords whitelist
[p]modtrigger list - Lists all Moderation triggers

[p]alias - Create aliases to execute certain commands
[p]alias list - Display all Aliases
[p]alias add - Create a command alias
[p]alias [del|remove|delete] - Delete an Alias
[p]alias help - Attempts to display the help msg for the command

[p][timedmessages|tmessage|tmsg] - Leave empty to enable or disable.
[p]timedmessages list - List all timed messages
[p]timedmessages add - Add a timed message in the channel it's invoked in.
[p]timedmessages del - Delete a timed message

[p][passwordchanger|pwdchanger] - The main group to interact with our password changer.
[p]passwordchanger delay - Set the delay for how long we have to wait to change your password. Support for Seconds, Minutes, Hours and days. Usage: `[p]pwdchanger delay 12h` sets the delay for twelve hour
[p]passwordchanger password - Sets the account password for us to use.

[p]hentai - Grab an Not safe for work image
[p]hentai cumsluts - Drawn girls covered in cum
[p]hentai blowjob - She can't speak anymore
[p]hentai lesbian - Two girls 'playing'
[p]hentai anal - the tighter hole
[p]hentai boobs - the best place on earth
[p]hentai tits - the best things on earth
[p]hentai random - A random hentai image.
[p]hentai neko - Ears like a cat
[p]hentai pussy - The best place for your stick